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Digital Media and Movie Making

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

Foundations of Health Science and Technology

Public Health 101: From Disease Prevention to Disaster Preparedness

Source of Records

Student's high school records office.

About the Training Sponsor

Education Connection is one of Connecticut's six Regional Service Centers. Their mission as the regional educational service center in Western Connecticut is to cooperatively promote the success of school districts and their communities by providing educational and related services from Head Start to Adult Education. Education Connection's Center for 21st Century Skills (Center21) was established to focus the work of EC staff in the area of 21st Century high school Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition (STEM) curriculum and professional development throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. In 2002, the Cente21 formed a strategic alliance with the Connecticut Office for Workforce Competitiveness and the Connecticut College of Technology to advance STEM education via the Connecticut Careers Choices (CCC) program.