Credential Evaluation Program

Can I Receive Credit For My Professional License, Certification, Or Credential?

  • Do you have a professional license, certification, or credential?
  • Was it issued by a governmental agency or professional organization?
  • Did you take a proctored exam to earn it? 
  • Do you think the credentialing process may verify college-level learning?
  • Is information publicly available about the content verified by the exam and credentialing process?
  • Does your degree plan have room for the subject area and division level of that learning?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, then consider pursuing credit for your credential.

My Credential Has Been Reviewed for Credit

  • If we conducted a credit review, the credit recommendations are posted online. 
  • If your credential was issued or valid during the effective dates, or validity period, for the credit recommendation, then you're eligible to apply for the credit. 

How To Apply For Credential Credit

My Credential Has Not Been Reviewed for Credit

How do I request a credit review?

Charter Oak students may request a credit review of a professional license or or credential they earned within the past five years.

  • Consult with your Academic Counselor.
  • Log in to Acorn and find the form in the PLA section of Student Self Service.
  • Submit your completed form to the PLA Office.
  • Pay the assessment fee.
  • Monitor your Charter Oak email.

What other options are there to pursue credit?

Your professional experience may cover a wider range of knowledge than the credential verifies.

What if I'm not a Charter Oak student?

  • You may request credit for a credential that has been reviewed.
  • You will need to use the Credit Registry service for a transcript.