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About Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College grads marching in

Charter Oak State College is Connecticut's public online college offering master's programs, bachelor's and associate degree programs, and certificate programs for adults. The college was established in 1973 by the Connecticut legislature and is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), and by the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education.

The college offers degree completion programs in a number of high-demand fields including Business, Health Care, Public Safety, Cyber Security, Early Childhood Education and more. Students can complete degrees in many majors and concentrations through the exclusive use of affordable and accelerated online courses offered by the college. In other cases, majors and concentrations may be completed by combining Charter Oak's courses and other sources of credit.

The college awards credit for:

*Charter Oak State College reserves the right to limit or exclude the transfer of credit if the course content, assessment process , or student learning outcomes do not meet Charter Oak’s faculty standards. Given these standards, effective January 16, 2020, credit will no longer be accepted in transfer from the following organizations:

  • Consortium for International Studies (CIS)
  • Coopersmith
  • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies (RIJS)
  • Tor Academy

Charter Oak State College has over 16,000 alumni.

The college is guided by our vision statement: Charter Oak State College: A dynamic community of online learners advancing the nation's workforce one graduate at a time.

Interested prospective students should visit Admissions.

In our Official Catalog, you can read our Mission Statement and a welcome letter from our President.

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