Public Safety Administration Certificates

Enhance Your Public Safety Administration Knowledge and Skills!

There are two certificates in Public Safety Administration - Level I and Level II. The goal of both certificates is to provide experienced public safety professionals with the academic and practical skills necessary for excellence in management and administration. For more on the value of Public Safety Administration Education, visit "Why PSA Education?"

The Level I and Level II certificate courses, combined, make up the concentration in Public Safety Administration, which can be utilized in completing the Public Safety Administration degree.

Level I Certificate in Public Safety Administration

Prepares individuals for entry-level, supervisory/management positions in public safety (i.e. homeland security, criminal justice, law enforcement, fire science). There are six, 3-credit courses for a total of 18 credits. The courses are as follows:

  • PSA 305 Ethics in Public Safety
    Exploration of case issues and philosophies as they relate to personal and professional accountability in the public safety environment.
  • PSA 315 Human and Community Service Delivery
    Survey of varying models and applications of public safety service delivery systems throughout the United States.
  • PSA 330 Cultural Diversity in Public Safety
    Identification and analysis of various cultures and their diverse historical, economic and societal variations within the context of the public safety sector.
  • PSA 335 Group Dynamics
    Examines how group behavior affects organizational effectiveness, decision making, conflict resolution, and strategies for efficient group and task management in public safety organizations.
  • PSA 355 Human Resources in Public Safety
    Examines policies, behaviors and motives affecting recruiting, training, evaluation and current legal issues in human resources as they pertain to the public safety arena.
  • PSA 360 America's Homeland Security
    Surveys the historical development, creation and purposes of and the Department of Homeland Security and the corresponding national Strategy for Homeland Security. Examines the effectiveness of such policies within a democracy.

Level II Certificate in Public Safety Administration *

Enhances the skills of public safety professionals through Web-based training covering the latest advances in counter terrorism, public safety law, research, and personal development. There are six, 3-credit courses for a total of 18 credits. The courses are as follows:

  • PSA 410 Political and Legal Systems for the Public Safety Professional
    Analysis and application of the governmental and legal systems affecting the operational and optimum functioning of public safety organizations.
  • PSA 425 Counteracting Terrorism
    An exploration of current issues, proposed solutions and shortcomings in public safety preparation for and response to the threat of terrorism.
  • PSA 440 Research Methodology
    Analysis of problems and needs within the public safety sector, review related literature, collect data, measure objectives and apply analytical skills to a public safety related research project.
  • PSA 445 Strategic Planning
    Examines the fundamentals and application of strategic analysis and planning in public safety organizations.
  • PSA 465 Global Perspectives on Emergency Management
    Examines the anthropology of disaster and its potential effects upon emergency management and first responders through a comparative analysis of how the sociocultural background of communities from around the world can drastically affect the impact of disasters.
  • PSA 499 Capstone Course: Leadership in Public Safety
    Synthesis of leadership theory in relation to the other Public Safety Administration courses into a succinct research project that assimilates information to culminate the Public Safety Administration program.

* Students must complete Level I before taking Level II.

Grades of C or higher must be earned in each certificate course.

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