Paraprofessional Educator Certificate

Paraprofessional Educator Certificate

This certificate is a continuing education and professional development program that prepares teacher education paraprofessionals for entry into the ever-expanding field of Special Education. This certificate program is specifically designed to refine your teaching skill sets as they relate to working with students in an educational setting and to enhance your opportunity for career advancement. This program of study is also appropriate for practicing paraprofessionals who would like to extend their knowledge while earning college credit.

About the Program

If your goal is to pursue, achieve and sustain success as a Special Education educational paraprofessional, you should consider this supportive Charter Oak State College online certificate program developed in conjunction with the professional staff of Connecticut's Capitol Region Education Council (CREC). You have the option of participating in the program on a stand-alone certificate basis, or you can apply the credits you earn toward a Charter Oak associate or bachelor's degree.

We offer an online environment that makes it easy and convenient to participate while you remain focused on commitment to your current employment. The skills you acquire in this certificate program will assist you in defining and honing the teaching competencies that will contribute to your success as a special education paraprofessional and ensure a smooth transition to an in-demand career field poised for new growth.


EDU 100: Introduction to the Paraprofessional (3 credits)

An overview of the roles and responsibilities of the educational paraprofessional. Learning outcomes are based on Levels One and Two of the National Paraprofessional Standards and include an understanding of behavior techniques, communication, legal issues and instructional strategies.

EDU 101: Advanced Behavior Techniques for Paraprofessionals (3 credits)

An in-depth study of specific strategies designed to prevent and/or manage challenging student behaviors. Learning outcomes are based on the National Paraprofessional Standards, Levels One through Three.

EDU 102: Exceptional Learners Paraprofessional (3 credits)

A study of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that focuses on the 10 disability categories protected under federal law. The course provides insight into the characteristics of each of the law's disability categories and looks at the academic and behavioral strategies designed to assist students with disabilities. Learning outcomes are based on the National Paraprofessional Standards, Levels One through Three.

EDU 103: Autistic Learner and Assistive Technology (3 credits)

An examination of specific academic and behavioral strategies employed to assist autistic students in the classroom. The course additionally explores the use of assistive technologies that support independent learning. Learning outcomes are based on the National Paraprofessional Standards.

EDU 104: The Paraprofessional Internship (3 credits)

An on-site classroom internship designed to allow you to apply skills learned in the Introduction to the Paraprofessional course. Learning outcomes are based on National Paraprofessional Standards, Levels One through Three. The course presents an opportunity for you to work 120 hours in a real educational setting. The course instructor and on-site supervising teacher will maintain regular contact with you throughout your internship. You will be responsible for selecting the internship site.

(It is important to note that you must maintain a grade of C or higher in all courses comprising the program in order to earn your certificate.)

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