Core Areas of Knowledge (CT Director's Credential)

Early care and education directors should be able to:

  • Plan and implement developmentally-appropriate care and education programs for children and families
  • Develop and maintain an effective organization
  • Plan and implement administrative systems that effectively carry out program goals, mission, and objectives
  • Administer effectively a program of personnel management and staff development
  • Foster good community relations and influence childcare policy that affects the program
  • Develop and maintain the physical facility
  • Have the legal knowledge necessary for effective management
  • Apply financial management tools

See the complete outline of the core areas of knowledge for Leadership, Budget/Fiscal Management, Personnel Management, and Child/Family/School & Community in the Connecticut Director's Credential (CDC) Competency Grid (Word document).

To learn more about the competency areas, see the Connecticut Director's Credential (CDC) requirements.