Connecticut Technical High School System Licensed Practical Nurse Program

Program Reviewed

Licensed Practical Nurse Program

Credit Recommendation

  • Developmental Psychology Across the Life Span: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Human Biology: 4 credits, lower division level

Effective Dates

August 2008 through Present

Source of Records

Connecticut Technical High School System; 25 Industrial Park Road, Middletown, CT

About the Training Sponsor

The mission of the Connecticut Technical School Systems is to provide a rigorous educational program meeting the needs of Connecticut's citizens and employers through academic instruction, intensive occupation-specific training, and apprenticeship credit.

How to Apply for the Credit


Developmental Psychology Across the Life Span: 3 credits, lower division level
Knowledge of human development is a critical factor for the practicing nurse as a tool for understanding others. This course will examine psychological theories and research to understand  and explain human development from infancy through late adulthood. The course will explore the concepts of nature and nurture and their influence on growth and development. There will be an emphasis on the acquisition of emotional, physical, cognitive, and moral skills, as well as developmental tasks associated with specific age groups. Concepts regarding death and dying will also be studied. Cultural factors will be considered throughout.

Human Biology: 4 credits, lower division level
The traditional Human Biology Course is offered as Biology 115 within the State of Connecticut Community College System. Students typically enroll in this course for one of several reasons: (1) To complete a degree requirement for a 4-credit laboratory science course (2) As a prerequisite for Anatomy & Physiology I (and an alternative to a more traditional Biology course, e.g., General Biology or Introduction to Biology) (3) To increase their preparedness for, and chances for success in, Anatomy & Physiology I Items (2) and (3) above would be applicable to LPNs who desire to transition to an RN Program.
In addition to acquainting students specifically with the biology of the human body, this course is designed to provide students with a somewhat broad overview of the main concepts of biology. The rationale for including this overview of biological concepts and principles is that many of the students who take this course, including those eventually seeking RN degrees, will not take any other general biology course during their training. Additionally, the laboratory portion of the traditional course acquaints students with general laboratory procedures, laboratory safety protocols, use of the microscope, adherence to written and verbal instructions in a laboratory setting, and the relationship of concepts learned in lecture to activities and experiments carried out in the laboratory.