Connecticut Technical High Schools' Health Technology Curriculum

Learning Experience Reviewed 2009, Re-Reviewed 2010 

  • Health Technology Curriculum 

Credit Recommendation

  • Investigation in Health Careers: 3 credits, lower division level

Effective Dates

June 2010 through June 2015

Source of Records

Registrar or record office of the student's Technical High School

About the Training Sponsor

The mission of the Connecticut's Regional Vocational Technical School Systems is to provide a rigorous educational program meeting the needs of Connecticut's citizens and employers through academic instruction, intensive occupation-specific training, and apprenticeship credit.

How to Apply for the Credit


Investigation in Health Careers: 3 credits, lower division level
This course is designed to assist students in meeting the expectations of a health care curriculum and career. Students become familiar with the rigors of higher education and the specific skills needed to maximize their opportunity for academic and clinical success. The course includes a comprehensive overview of the duties and responsibilities associated with clinical competency. Interdisciplinary learning strategies, correlating clinical and didactic education, life management skills, work ethics, and critical thinking skills necessary for all health providers are emphasized.