All Our Kin Intensive Child Development Training Program

Learning Experience Reviewed 2006 

  • Intensive Child Development and Family Support Program 

Credit Recommendation

  • Early Childhood Field Experience OR Early Childhood elective: 3 credits, lower division level - CONTINGENT upon holding the CDA
  • Family and Child Advocacy: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Introduction to Working with Young Children: 3 credits, lower division level - CONTINGENT upon holding the CDA

Effective Dates

September 1999 through January 2012

Source of Records

All Our Kin; 134 Grand Avenue, 2nd floor; New Haven, CT 06513

About the Training Sponsor

All Our Kin, Inc., is a New Haven-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering parents and teachers, giving families child care choices, and expanding access to high-quality early care and education for our most underserved children. Educating child care providers is a core component of the organization's mission.

How to Apply for the Credit


Intensive Child Development Training Course: 3 credits, lower division level
This 24 week, 30 hours per week, course is a hands-on, intensive study of child development and curricula, focusing on young children, ages 0 to 5 years old. Students learn frame-works, models and theorists of child development, influences on young children's development, and basic principles for planning high-quality, responsive educational programs for young children. Students learn to apply developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching and learning, and the foundations integral to creating challenging, respectful, supportive learning environments.